Every single person we've talked to in the Web3 community has the same complaint about Discord: it's too noisy.

Background tab

When you sign up for Comm, we ask you to set a default notif setting. If you select background, then new threads you join (or are added to) will be muted and sorted into the Background tab.

notification modal default.png

Inbox 2.png

Unified inbox

If you have 5 unreads in Discord, there's no place you can go to in order to see all 5. This makes it hard to keep track of the things you care about, which in turn makes it harder for admins to reach users. Our unified inbox is pretty simple – it just provides a flat, chrono-sorted list of all of your chats.

Focus on async

Discord was primarily built for realtime, in-the-moment chat. We're focused on the other side of chat: collaborative work that requires asynchronous coordination. Some relevant features: